208 FM 228 Grapeland, Texas 936-687-1009
208 FM 228Grapeland, Texas 936-687-1009

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Main Floor Gym

Our main floor gym offers a variety of services.  We have 3 main floors for multiple class rotations.  Our 30 foot in-ground tumble tramp allows gymnast and cheerleaders to perfect their form before moving forward to our competitive size spring floor.  Running along side the tumble tramp is our vault run offering the newest of vault tables released.  We also have an Olympic size web trampoline for skill development and various trampoline skills.  Located between our 3 practice floors is a 16 foot X 16 foot foam pit which holds over 6,600 one foot foam cubes.  Located in this pit is a movable rope wall and climbing rope for upper body strength building.  Competition Beam, uneven bars, pommel horse, mushroom,  and rings are also available.

Top Floor Gym

On our top floor, we offer a full preschool gymnastics area.  This is also known as our "Magical Tree House".  The preschool area offers floor exercises, handstand wall,  bars, beam, rings, and wall climbing for upper body strength.  All students get to exit class on our super slide! 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Joey and I are so pleased with Elite Fitness!  The kids are loving every minute that they are there.  We decided to enroll Brooks in the boys gymnastics class in addition to his karate.  We have gotten a kick out of watching Aubrey try to teach Brooks how to do a hand stand. 

Gymnastics was a big part of my life growing up.  I am so thankful to you and your family for opening Elite Fitness.  It has provided a positive platform for kids in our small community to become involved in such great activities."

Nellie B.



"Because of your lessons, I'm reaching my backhand spring goal at 36! Gymnastics is so fun and its helping me face and overcome so many fears, making me strong inside and out. Thank you so much!"

Laura L.